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★There is a small fan in the hot summer, so how can you lose the heater in winter~
★The outer shell is made of PP material, built-in professional PTC ceramic heating element and 3600 rpm silent fan
★Efficient heating, automatic constant temperature, no oxygen consumption, instant heating, power 500W, energy saving and environmental protection~
★There are heat dissipation holes on the back, no radiation, no open flame, and it is an ideal small electrical appliance for home and office.

working principle:

The motor is used to drive the fan blades to rotate to generate air circulation. The cold air passes through the heating element and the heating element to form heat exchange to achieve the purpose of heating. It is equipped with a temperature limiter inside, when the air outlet is blocked by the fan, it can automatically cut off the power.

Precautions for the use of heaters:

1. Don't dry clothes directly on the heater

There is no electric heater with drying rack, and never cover the heater with clothes. In this way, on the one hand, it can prevent the clothes from being burnt, and on the other hand, it can also prevent the pressure of the heat transfer oil inside the heater shell from increasing, causing the hot oil to leak and the shell to burst.

2. Pay attention to waterproofing when using in the bathroom

Even if it is a waterproof heater, do not get too close to the bathtub, washbasin or shower, and try to avoid spraying water directly on the bathroom heater during bathing. Do not place the bathroom heater directly under the power socket, because the rising heat released by the heater can easily damage the socket.

3. Pay attention to moisturizing the skin after long-term use

When you have long-term close contact with electric heaters in winter, you must pay special attention to moisturizing and moisturizing your skin, and drink plenty of water at ordinary times.

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